"Comment of the Week" Winner Is Jeff Alworth

I just had to pull this out of the comments I received this week. It's from the always engaging, lively, witty, and just plain groovy Jeff Alworth. He was commenting on my post titled Alcohol As Stimulus to Creativity, which referenced an article about the delicate balance between alcohol and creativity.

Jeff wrote:

Any bar pool player knows this ratio all too well. There’s a moment when the beer lubricates your limbs and vanquishes shot anxiety. It’s the moment just before your innate sense of physics gives way to your lizard brain’s desire to HIT THE BALL REALLY HARD. Ah, but in that moment!

That, folks, is the Comment of the Week. And hey, now, there's an idea. Every Friday (assuming my tired brain can remember), I post for your delight the best comment of the week. Or, hmmm, maybe not such a great idea, given that I don't get many comments. But, well, maybe. Maybe.