Hmmmm. Election of Obama = New Life for Extremists?

Okay, that sounds obvious: Americans elect a partially black man as president and that event brings the extremists out of the woodwork? (Referring here to the murder of Dr. Tiller and today's shooting at the Holocaust Museum by, apparently, an avowed white supremacist.) (For the record, in case anyone is wondering, I support the right to choose, and I loathe white supremacists.)

Or is it that Obama is a Democrat, and the extremists dozed for a few years, resting easy while Cheney was in office?

Probably the only way to know is by statistics: How many "extremist" events took place during, say, the Clinton administrations? And how many during the Bush years?

Not sure if those statistics would prove a correlation one way or the other, but I'm guessing that chattering TV heads will latch on to the "Obama is black" connection, rather than the political party connection.