Completely Random Friday Roundup: Comstock, Dexter, Emerson, Connelly, Etc.

Okay --- it's Friday. I'm missing my own damn blog, which is being neglected in favor of my other passion.

But in the spirit of throwing some love its way, a completely random Friday roundup of a miscellaneous this-and-that: Patrick Emerson of the Oregon Economic blog pondered the economics of buying a "green" car (in this case a Prius) with, as usual, some surprising conclusions. (Because that's what I love about thinking and thoughtful people: sit around and actually, ya know, ponder issues, and the results may not fit conventional wisdom). His first post is here; his second is here.

One of my favorite online people is Tony Comstock. He wrote this post recently and I realized that several days later, I'm still thinking about it. (I spent a lot of time in New York City in the 1970s, and can relate to his take on it.) So go read it. (And for those of you about to freak out, as I've said here before, I read widely and diversely. Doing so contributes to A Life Worth Living.) (And in Tony's case, I admire his intellectual and creative courage.)

On a different subject altogether (don't say I didn't warn you. There's a reason I titled this a "random roundup), Astute Reader Dexter sent me a link to this fascinating comment about e-books. Be sure to read the comments on the comments. Great survey/cross-section of people's reactions to the future of print. (For more on that from this quarter, check the categories on the left side of your screen.)

As a companion piece, read this terrific cover story from the current issue of Fast Company, written by Adam Penenberg (if you use Twitter, he's @penenberg; if you don't, his forthcoming book is VIRAL LOOP).

Finally (but certainly  not last-but-not-least), Shawn Connelly, who blogs as the Beer Philosopher and founded The Aleuminati (and who bears a thoroughly enjoyable resemblance to Cary Grant and James Bond [no matter who plays the role]), announced today that he's now writing for a new site, (But that damn Aleuminati site still has the dreaded black background.)

So --- is this enough to keep you going for awhile? No, not YOU, silly! I'm talking to my other enamorat0(a), my blog. (Hmm.... Is this blog male? Or female?? Hmmm. Must go ponder.)