Jacob Grier on "Why Blog?"

Jacob Grier looks at why he continues to blog even as the art and craft of blogging have changed. He notes, for example, that it seems that fewer bloggers link to each other, or refer to each other, etc., mostly because of the press of time. I'd have to agree.

Near as I can tell, blogging takes on a life of its own, one that becomes increasingly demanding, thus making it harder for me to follow/comment on others' blogs. A weird, but perhaps inescapable, vicious cycle. The result being, I guess, that we'll all end up talking only to ourselves?

On the other hand, as I noted here a few weeks ago, I derive enormous intellectual and creative satisfaction from blogging, far, far more than I ever dreamed I would.

Plus, as Loyal Reader Dave recently pointed out in a comment to one of my posts, not everyone out there is blogging. Some people "specialize" in being readers rather than writers.

So, I say: Onward, into whatever it is that the "blogosphere" is or will be!