By the Way: One Guy's Experiment With the Kindle

On a sort of related topic (related, that is, to the previous post): Astute Reader Dexter sent me a link to this New Yorker magazine article in which the author gives the Kindle a test run. It's a long article, but if you're thinking about buying/using an e-reader, it's worth reading.

Dexter also informs me that I'm ruining his reptutation: I keep referring to him here as this ultra-connected guy lying on a beach in Hawaii. He's not, and he's not: According to him, he owns pretty much zero e-gadgets (no blackberry, etc.) and spends little to no time on the beach itself.

He also says he's not nearly as culturally literate as I keep making him sound, but he attempted to refute my description of himself by referencing seven obscure films, an ancient Paul Simon song, and Norman Mailer. Which, ahem, proves my point.