On The Subject of the Future of the Printed Word

While I'm here (before I resume my task of breaking the back of this chapter) (I've succeeded in smashing its kneecaps; the back awaits....), two pieces worth reading on the subject of, um, reading. And writing.

First, this in last Sunday's New York Times Business section, in which columnist Randall Stross asks if books will be "Napsterized." The, uh, punchline comes at the end. Yeah, I'll start giving it away alright. Just as soon as I win the Powerball.

Second, Anne Trubek weighs in at Good on the subject of "speed publishing." Anne is a terrific writer, and I have nothing to add to her comments. Except to ponder my fate as a wordosaur: a dying species that needs years, not weeks or months, to study a subject and then write something coherent about it. Sigh.

Tip o' the mug to Astute Reader Dexter for reminding me of the Stross column.