Commenters Worth Noting

I have been meaning to do this for several days, but was just reminded that I needed to actually, ya know, do it.

 Several people have taken time from their own writing lately to stop by and post comments here. I'm grateful for that. (Because it's not all about me; really, it's not). 

Among the commenters on my post "Slaughtering Locally" were:

Melanie Rehanek, who blogs at Eating For Beginners and is the author of the terrific Girl Sleuth: Nancy Drew and the Women Who Created Her. She's working on a new book title "Eating for Beginners," which is due out next year. (Full disclosure: Melanie and I have the same editor.)

Samuel Fromartz, who blogs at Chewswise and is the author of the also terrific Organic, Inc., the only substantive history of the 20th-century organic food movement. If you're interested in contemporary American food, it's a must-read. (Full disclosure: Organic, Inc. was published by the same press as Ambitious Brew.)

Alexi Koltowicz (aka Lex) is a contributor at Scholars & Rogues, one of my favorite sites.

And Zachary Adam Cohen stopped by to comment on another post (also on the issue of local slaughtering). He blogs at Farm to Table.

As always, I appreciate the contributions.