The Wall Street Journal's Take On E-Readers

Okay, so nothing to do with anything, but . . .

Today's Wall Street Journal has a brief take on the state of e-readers (you know: Kindle, Nook, etc.) There's also a great graphic in the sidebar that's a side-by-side comparison of the current contenders. Nice!

My favorite part, however, is that the reporter notes that, ahem, this first crop of readers may go the way of the eight-track. Which is precisely why I've not bought one. There are too many flaws in all of them.

So until Mr. Jobs enters the fray, I'm keeping my checkbook closed (my debit card unscanned? my paypal account unclicked? whatever). Not that Jobs will come up with a perfect e-reader, but a) I'm guessing it'll be better than what's available now; and b) its arrival will surely spur even more competition and some kind of standard for the device. And when it comes to stuff like this, standards are where it's at.