Tom Philpott on Food and "Class"

There's a ton of garbage written about the American food system. (No pun intended. Really.) Inaccurate. Misleading. Muddle-headed. Etc.

Indeed, there aren't many food writers to recommend, but one I do read regularly is Tom Philpott. I don't always agree with him --- indeed, most of the time I don't --- but he works hard to present facts and argument rather than blather and nonsense.

A fine example of his work is in his most recent post at Grist. Good reading from a smart guy. (Although the historian in me must note that he's off about about fifty years in his comment about an "official" policy of cheap/affordable food.) So, if you're interested, take a look. Better still, bookmark the Grist site. (Tom is also at twitter as @tomphilpott.)