Sam Fromartz on Caitlin Flanagan

Sam Fromartz, author of the excellent Organic, Inc. (which I've mentioned here before and plan to keep mentioning until I can persuade everyone to read it) has weighed in on the anti-Alice-Waters essay I mentioned in my previous post.

You can read his take at his blog, Chews Wise. Definitely worth reading. He and I land on opposite sides of the fence on this issue, but I think his critique is more pointed than others I've read. Oddly, he criticizes Waters for precisely the same reason I criticized the essayist at Civil Eats. (Eg, let's not confuse food policy with educational policy.) I think we can conclude that using gardens-in-the-school as either a route to or criticism of educational policy in general doesn't work.

Or something like that.) (Not being terribly coherent here: am trying to keep my brain focused on writing the  middle third of the new book. That means not letting myself get distracted by other juicy brain-fodder.)