We Interrupt This Hiatus . . .

. . . to bring you breaking news: Looks like we've finally got a viable e-reader. Remember when Steve Jobs said no one read books anymore and that was interpreted as evidence he was working on an e-reader? Well, it's here (actually, not sure if it's literally on sale, but the device was just introduced at a news conference). (Live blogging all over the place, but good coverage here from NYT.)

Soooo. Now all I need is the $700+ the thing is going to cost. And since there's no hope of rounding up that much disposable cash anytime soon (you didn't seriously think I earn any money from my books, did you??), I shall lust after the iPad from afar.

iPad? What the FUCK were they thinking with that name? Every woman over 45 is howling with laughter. And every guy old enough to remember the era of the bachelor pad. All I can think of is electronic Kotex.