The Real Deal On Jack McAuliffe

Finally! Someone (John Holl, to be precise) has taken the time/effort to get the scoop straight from Jack's mouth.

If you're just tuning in, you may not know that this is the 30th anniversary of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., and to that end, co-founder Ken Grossman planned a series of celebrations and commemorative beers and prepared a video about the brewery and brewing history.

To my great relief and delight, he made sure that Jack was included in all of the above. Now John Holl, beer journalist extraordinaire, has weighed in with a piece about Jack over at (Full disclosure: Holl interviewed me for the piece.)

I hope you'll take time to read it, and to hoist a beer in honor of our brewing pioneers.

Oh, and I guess a health update is in order: Jack has more-or-less recovered from the near-fatal car accident of 2009. He relocated to Texas to be closer to family, a move that seems to have agreed with him. He's in good spirits and enjoying himself. For which I for one am truly grateful.

Jack, here's to you.