Monday Laughs: The Beer Edition

In case your week is off to a bad start, today's edition of Monday Laughs (okay, so there are no previous editions, but what the heck. Gotta start traditions somewhere.)

First this: Pabst Brewing Co. has finally been sold. And the new owner has this to say about his acquistion:

"We will be vigilant in maintaining and building upon the authenticity of each of our products," Mr. Metropoulos said in prepared statement. "This authenticity has been at the heart of the company's success to date."

"Authenticity"? Are we talkin' about Pabst "Brewing" Co.? You know, the beer marketing outfit?

The second chuckle-o-rama comes from yesterday's New York Times travel section. A Boston hotel is now offering a "Brewmance" package, which the hotel is touting as a "mancation" for guys who want to get together for a little bonding-and-brews. Says the hotel's manager:

“We created this package for men who love beer.

Because, ya know, women don't love beer.

So, folks, laugh yourselves on into this last-week-of-June. Where IS the summer going?