Excellent Reminders of Why I Keep Reading Beer Bloggers

'Cause ya know, the best of them aren't beer bloggers, if you know what I mean.

Case in points is one of my complete, total favorite bloggers (notice lack of adjective), Jeff Alworth and this recent rumination.

I mean, come ON. How can you NOT love this guy?? I'd marry the guy except I'm old enough to be his mother and he's out of my league. Oh, and, uh, I'm already married.

And then there's this from the always delightful Alan McLeod and Stan Hieronymus. Start with the original post by Stan. And then make sure to read the comment from Alan (who lives here).

The "money quote" is as follows:

 We may not know who is craft beer but we sure as hell will know what is craft beer by who isn’t.

Seriously. What's not to like?