On Hiatus Until I Finish the New Book

I'm well past the half-way point on the new manuscript, and still determined to finish it by December 31. I mean, okay, if I DON'T finish it, it's not like I'm gonna throw myself off the roof or anything. Still --- it would be nice.

That means I'm down to the wire. I've still got three chapters to research and write. That's a lot of work in three months.

And to that end, I'm no longer pretending that, okay, I can post the occasional blog entry. Believe me, the temptation is there. I read something that other day about doing history in the digital age that launched me straight into a diatribe. But I could tell it would turn into another of my multi-part series, so I backed away. Set it aside. Maybe later. 

The fact is that a substantive blog entry takes me several hours to write. At least. And that's several hours taken away from the main task at hand.

So. No. More. Blogging. Until I finish this manuscript. No more. Period. No "In the Kitchen." No rants. No beer-world updates. Nada.

Now if you're desperate to read my brilliant prose, please, be my guest! There are more than a thousand entries here. And three previous books. Have at it.

But nothing new until I finish the project at hand. I'm still taking my coffee/water cooler breaks at Twitter, and I peruse Facebook once or twice a day. But those are quickie breaks, just to remind myself that there's a world out there. 

Otherwise, however, I'm in the cave.