Yo, "The End"! You there??????

Or something like that. Because really, am I ever. gonna. finish. this. book?

Yes, I will. Although every time I get within spitting distance, calamity (in the form of my own stupidity) strikes and I take umpty-bazillion steps backward. 

I'm still revising the manuscript. It's all there. It's just that, well, some of the words are in the wrong order. You know?

Meantime, of course, the world rolls on, presenting me with one rant opportunity after another, and I'm resolved to ignore those opportunities. I was keeping a list of Very Important Matters On Which I Long To Rant, but the list got so long that it took over my office. 

So. The official update is: My editor doesn't even want the manuscript until March, and come hell, come high water, come Armageddon, I will get it to her then. 

Because I'm just that close and because surely there's a limit to how many times my stupidity can trip me. Right? Right????? 

See you soon!