The Brain-Equation At Work; Or A Quickie Take On the Stuff That Makes the World Go Round

Another drive-by post because I am otherwise occupied. (*1.)

This is especially for the non-beer types --- because lotso you readers aren't into beer.

But because I'm generous -- it's a two-fer: It's for you beer types, too. Clever me.

So: In which I contemplate [briefly] passion, the creativity of daily life, and (*2)

Chris Bowen is a beerish Facebook "friend." I've never met him. Don't know anything about him other than what's on his wall. (*3) (Viva Zuckerberg!)

Today Bowen posted a link to a short Youtube vid about him that Forbes mag shot a couple of years ago. (*4)

So I watched.

Great stuff! I enjoyed a wash of memory about what draws me me to beer folk: Passion. Passion and creativity. 

In the video, Bowen, a gifted homebrewer, expresses both.

He explains beer. And, hooray!, does so in plain language accessible to everyone, including those who don't speak beerish. And because he's a typical beer person (eg, passionate as all hell), the clip is compelling.

Jesus. Almost made me wanna start homebrewing!

Bonus? The vid also illustrates something that fascinated me when I was researching the beer book.

Brewers, by which I mean the people who concoct those vats of elixir, fall into two groups: They're either  science-y or chef-y. (*5)

As in: "Beer is fascinating science!" Or "Making beer is like cooking!"

Chris is a chef-type. Watch a similar video that featured an equally passionate, scienc-y beer person, and you'd get an equally engaging introduction from a different perspective.

Again, here's the link. If I weren't so tired, I'd go figure out how to embed the vid --- but surely you can just click the link, right?

Urgh! So much for my intention to be "quick" about it.

Oh -- Yes: feeling slightly, light-heartedly optimistic about The End.


1. This ramble started out as a 20-second Facebook post --- and about 100 words into it I thought "Geez. This is what blogging is for: fun and relaxation. Time to break my rule" 

But this'll be quick because the brain is deep into constructing "the end" of the new book.

*2. (As many of you know, I don't drink much beer. Do I like and appreciate beer? YES. Am I a beer geek? No.) (Do I like beer geeks? Of course!)

And I'm not surprised beer's on my mind. My brain's in overdrive, finishing the book, but part of it is also contemplating the rigors of the creative process.

Which means, heh, the brain-equation behind this post is:

Working hard >> Creativity >> Joy of previous >> Beer people.

*3. More on Bowen: There's this website, and otherwise google "Chris Bowen beer".

*4. I feel obliged to link direct to the Forbes site, but add this: during the 20th century, Forbes dished up excellent business reportage. Have no idea what its quality is now, but it's long been one of this historian's pals. 

*5. There's also a third, more rare type: Beer is a great way to make money." NOTHING wrong with these folks. In many ways, they're the most interesting of the group. Believe me, they're doing as much if not more to bring the world good beer as, well, as the people who make the beer.