Bill Maher Explains It All

AHA! Now I get it! Anyone who denounces Pink Slime is a "liberal," and anyone who doesn't is a "conservative."

So says Bill Maher. Speaking about two Republican governors who spoke out in support of BPI, Inc. and Pink Slime:

I think the Republican party is at war with common sense… I think Republicans live in a world now where whatever a liberal says, no matter how sensible, is automatically evil, wrong, and needs to be fought with the fervor of a starving racoon on crystalmeth.

So if I'm reading this him correctly, anyone who is opposed to PS is a "liberal." Those who aren't are, by default, conservatives.

So. Now I understand why some folks think that since I didn't issue an unequivocal condemnation of PS, it follows that I don't believe in global warming or the climate crisis. Because I'm a REPUBLICAN, stupid.

Okaaaay. Now I get it. Whew. So glad to have that little mystery cleared up.

Gotta go. Off to the county courthouse to correct the error on my voter registration card.