The Fruits of My Labor

I don't have a particularly big ego --- big enough to sustain me in the kind of work I do (yes, writing DOES require a certain amount of ego: We assume we've got something worth saying), but otherwise? Not so much. However. Sometimes a girl's gotta give herself some credit, and in this case a bit of back-patting is not out of place.

One of the things about which I'm proud is that, thanks to the beer book, Jack McAuliffe has been able to enjoy his place in American beer history. Yeah, sure, maybe someone else eventually would have done the same, but the fact is: I'm the one who made it possible. So: chops to me.

As a result of the book, in the past few years Jack has been awarded and honored by the beer industry, and interviewed by many people. And now we can add James Spencer to the list of those who've recorded Jack's history for posterity.

James, for those who don't know, is the guy behind Basic Brewing. Among other things, he dishes up regular podcasts about this, that, and the other re. beer (focusing on homebrewing). Back when the beer book came out, I was fortunate enough to do some ninety interviews, but the one with James was hands-down the best. (James is also one of the coolest people I know.)

So I'm happy as hell that James and Jack sat down for a chat recently. You can find the interview here. You can also go to and find a link under the podcasts. (If you need a reference, the interview aired on May 10, 2012.) (If you want to hear James' interview with me, look in the podcasts for 2006; there are two parts, one in November, one in December.)