Bah. And Humbug. Or, Yet Another Hiatus Post

Bah. Humbug. Ugh. Etc. Okay, so as if developing a new book idea, laying groundwork for the meat book, developing idea for a Kindle short weren't enough --- a catastrophic computer crash (well, okay, that's how it felt to ME) got added to the mix.

Not that I'm complaining: I've used a PC since 1984, and owned one since 1986, and this is the first time it's happened to me. Weirdly, there was something kind of liberating about it: I lost hundreds of stored emails that I thought were "important" --- and hey, the planet didn't stop spinning when they vanished into the ether. Ditto iTunes (all those cds I hand-loaded: Poof! Gone!)

Plus, I had plenty of warning in the form of three blue screens in the past four months. So. Whaddya gonna do?

Apple iMac made with Photoshop CS3

Finally make the leap to a Mac, that's what. Which I did two days ago and my hands are completely ---and I mean COMPLETELY --- confused by the Mac keyboard. I still haven't figured out how to cut/paste. (But, yes, I will.)

English: A1242 Apple Keyboard shipped with the...

Added to which is the Arrival of the Manuscript: my editor sent the edited manuscript yesterday. (*1)

And the manuscript gets priority over everything else.


Translation: all those blog entries I've been working on (several of them, all long, all complex) are going to have to wait. So will the research for the new book idea and the Kindle short. Yes, of course, when my brain is fried from revising, I'll turn to those other projects, but for now, they're all back burners.

And so it goes in the life of this writer-who-loves-blogging. Gotta put it aside. Again. Which is frustrating because there's a LOT going on out there I'd like to be commenting on. But apparently one of the many treats of getting older is that the ol' brain can't be pushed in as many different directions as it could when I was younger.

Anyway: off again. But for those who are interested, I wrote this entire entry using a Mac keyboard and my fingers didn't get confused once. Progress!!!


*1: For every person out there who thinks Old Publishing is both useless and dead: I'm here to tell you that a superb editor is any writer's best friend and I am incredibly fortunate to have one on my side. The meat book, like the plumbing book, the Key West book, and the beer book, will be immeasurably improved by the eyes, mind, and hands of an editor.