Trying to Stay Cool? How's About Some Science Fiction History?

Maybe if I just aim for dinky stuff, I can "blog" w/out feeling guilty as I dig into the revisions of the manuscript of the meat book (folks, when a writer has a great editor, her/his edits make revising as difficult as writing the manuscript in the first place) This is utterly cool. Truly.

A  timeline of American science fiction, in the 1950s, from prose to politics to TV's view of the future. (The 1950s = a fascinating decade. For many reasons.)

"Found" this thanks to Twitter (an amazing tool for tracking ideas, events, new books, music, politics, general societal weirdness, etc etc etc....fill in the blanks as your imagination ponders the notion of a free-flowing ether of ideas!). (Specifically latched on to this via Ron Charles, a book reviewer for the Washington Post and a first-rate humorist/tweeter. Also on Facebook.)

Enjoy! (Me? I'm off in the astonishing heat of the summer of 2012 sitting at a desk staring at words, words, words.....)