What Do We Want? Legal Pot? When Do We Want It? Now!

I'm busy being a step-mom and grandma this week (which means racing around cooking, cleaning, chasing grandson, and generally having the time of my life), so there's not much time for anything remotely resembling work. BUT: I want to note the publication of a new book: Too High To Fail: Cannabis and the New Green Economic Revolution. It pushes SO many of my buttons. (*1)

As readers of this blog know, I favor of drug legalization, and especially marijuana. (See, for example, this.)

I'm also interested in the character of our "free market" economy in the digital age. (See, for example, this or this.) (Part of my interest stems from a book idea that is rolling around in my brain. Green, new, or otherwise, the nature of 21st century capitalism is much on my mind.)

Last Sunday's New York Times Book Review included  a review of the book. I didn't read it because I plan to read the book and why would I read a review of a book before reading the book?, plus the book's title/content were enough to get me to buy.  (I do so love complex punctuation. One's of life's cheapest, free delights!)

Indeed, I immediately decided to buy it as a way of supporting the author and the idea. (*2) In short: I'm delighted to see this book appear AND from a "mainstream" publisher.

So. Buy this book!


*1: FULL DISCLOSURE: I smoke pot, which in my case works out to one hit from a joint maybe two, three times a week. I'd probably take a hit every day if I could buy the stuff without the hassle I go through to buy it. But even if I didn't imbibe, I'd still favor legalization, as I have for well over thirty years.

*2: Although as I've noted here MANY times, I support buying books as a way of supporting the world's creators of "content." Of which I am one.