A Slight Bummer As I Peddle to the Finish Line

Yes! The finish line lies straight ahead. I've written a big chunk of that pesky new chapter my editor asked for, and I expect to have a polished version of it by the end of December. And because that's going so well, I'm also aiming to have the conclusion and introduction finished by then as well. I've gotta say --- again --- I'm SO glad my editor insisted on this new chapter. She was right:  the book needed it. And researching it has helped me think about my next book. And researching and writing it has clarified my opinion about, and where I stand, on various topics related to meat. 

That last is the most important: as I've noted here before, when I start a book, I don't know where I and it will end up. The object of the exercise is to learn about a topic so that I can express an opinion on it. Because there's nuthin' I dislike more than an uninformed opinion.

And working on this last chapter has been instrumental in putting the entire book, and the complicated, truly messy subject of meat in America, into perspective.

So. I'm off again to finish this sucker once and for all. (Unless, ahem, my brain has another fit and I get sidetracked by writing an unrelated blog entry.)

And speaking of that, the "slight bummer" is that for reasons known only to themselves, the folks at WordPress decided my recent rumination on craft brewing was worth featuring on the WordPress home page. According to the WordPress powers-that-be, that'll mean new traffic to the website. Where .... Neither I nor new posts will be found because I'll be off finishing this book.

But. Whaddya gonna do? Answer: Put first things first and FINISH THIS BOOK. Because no one but me knows just how weary I am of this particular marathon, which has now gone on for six, count 'em, six years.

Okay. See you on the flipside.