"Fresh-Pressed" While Squeezed [For Time]

Get it? Fresh-pressed? Squeezed? Fresh-pressed lemons for juice? Squeezed Lemon

Never mind.

This post is directed to the kind people who are now following the blog after hearing about it from WordPress's Fresh-Pressed page: THANK YOU for stopping by to read and for following.

Alas, there won't be much action here for several more weeks. I'm just finishing the new book I'm writing and the blog is on hiatus (I love that word!) until I finish. I only took time for the drive-by posting about craft beer because I was afraid I'd forget it. I had no idea someone at WordPress would find it interesting.

Anyway: I'll resume blogging just as soon as I finish the manuscript of the meat book. Meantime, there are over a thousand other posts here to read. So. Have at it!

See you soon. And again: many thanks. (Especially to the folks at WordPress.)