Hmm. Where IS That New Grinch?

I was about to post the following on Facebook, and thought, "Oh, screw it. This is short, easy, etc. Just blog it." (*1) So.

This is "what's on my mind":

You know those "old" holiday specials? Charlie Brown? The '66 version of Grinch? (RR) That Rudolph stop-action? They seem "old" now, but they're amazing examples of their genre. 

For example, the 1966 Grinch is brilliant. Author, narrator, music, songs, images, "direction." All of it: brilliant. It's hard to imagine anyone topping that.

That's what inspired my thinking: I want someone to top that. And I know that someone can, because every generation, every moment, has its own artists. The person who could re-think, re-invent those classics is someone who appreciates the art of the earlier versions and wants to achieve the same wonder.

(God knows there's plenty of precedent: we're living in a spectacularly golden age of visual narrative, design, etc. What's on "the tube," for example, has never been better than it is right now. In terms of "television" art, we've moved waaay beyond the mundane.)

So: it's time for new versions of those classics. Those were truly high tech at the time, and given the [digital] age in which we live, new interpretations would surely involve creative use of  "technology."  Anyone know of any projects in the work?


*1: There is something about Facebook that causes a brain-jerk reaction: "Facebook is faster. I'll just dump it there." But is it really? Yes, this takes much more time to type (I get more serious on the blog) but I also will just "quit" my site and go do something else. If I were at FB, I'd keep scrolling and reading --- and there goes an hour. Yes! "Social" media is just that: hanging out in a big agora/plaza/whatever.