On That Date, No. 12

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“Pre-cutting fresh meats at a central point, and distributing to retail outlets, appears to be growing in favor with the modern chain store organization as a means of solving the problem of fresh meat handling.

“Chain [grocery stores] formerly handled limited lines of cured and smoked meats. But fresh meat furnished problems many of them were slow in solving. At the present time, chain stores, by central cutting, are meeting their fresh meat problem, and eliminating waste in handling and distribution. . . .

“[Some] chain organizations are now cutting their meats at a central point, making up the orders during the night and delivering them to the stores at the time they open in the morning. Some are packaged or wrapped, and some are sold naked. But all are cut at a central plant rather than in the individual stores.


“Pre-Cut Fresh Meats in Chain Distribution,” National Provisioner 84, no. 1 (January 3, 1931): 21.