On That Date, No. 14

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Public domain

NOTE: This ran on Wednesday, Sept. 11 at the old website; didn't get "published" here during the transition from old site to new. 

“Cincinnati is the greatest place for hogs in the world; and they have the greatest method of raising them here of any other place which we know of. A man will turn out a bevy of young pigs . . . in December say . . . and they will run at large in the streets until the next November --- when he goes out to look up his pork.

Hogs look much alike, and [he] selects twelve of the finest looking . . . and drives them home, astonished at the increase. And thus, raising hogs, which is expensive elsewhere, is carried on without trouble or cost --- as they are fattened by the public at large, for the benefit of their owners.”


“Swine,” Cincinnati Mirror 5, no. 8 (March 19, 1836): 63.