Beer. Women. Sexism. Um. . . .

UPDATE: About two hours after writing this, I arrived at An Opinion About It: The core of the ad is so stunningly --- stupid. So banal. So "doh" --- that I have to wonder about the guy who owns the company. I've long said that where the Big Brewers went wrong was in their insistence on using sex, sexism, boobs, babes, bikinis to market beer to young men. The BB rarely, especially after about 1960, aimed for any other audience. So for a "craft" brewer (there's that word!) to do so just seems, well, dumb. Utterly lacking in imagination.  

And that's why, unlike my young friend who alerted me to this story, I was less outraged than baffled. Because, ya know, how could a business owner be so lacking in smarts and imagination?  

In any case, what follows below is what I originally wrote; my spur-of-the-moment response: 

In light of my recent full-bore rant about knee-jerk reactions and whining, this uproar about a Texas brewery's advertising is fascinating.

Having just learned of this, I'm not sure what I think but I was alerted to it (indirectly) by a smart young woman. And the fact that I don't have a knee-jerk reaction of my own (as I did to the situation that provoked the aforementioned rant) means, well --- hmm. This is complicated -- and in part by the response of the brewery owner. 

In any case: Read? Discuss?