On That Date, No. 23

“The introduction of [Chicago] dressed beef into [east coast] markets is only one more step in an important innovation that already has its ramifications in almost every section of the country.

“It is one of those business revolutions which follow so suddenly upon a new idea or device when practical men who have the courage of their convictions, resolve to carry it out.

“The advantages of the plan were obvious from its inception, because it was a ready solution to all the objections urged against the old method [of shipping live cattle from Chicago to the east], and notwithstanding the combined opposition of the firms and companies who have large capital invested in the live stock business . . . , the innovation has steadily grown in favor and is already an acknowledged success. 

“It is only stupid and sluggish minds which refuse to heed the signs of the times, that will now be found standing in the way.”


“The Dressed Beef Innovation,” Wheeling Register, March 27, 1883, p. 2.