The First Bit of Sit-Down

You know what's really cool?? (I'm typing this as I'm moving into the new house.) 

Every time I move my website I experience the rapture of a tiny leap across an abyss: What's new about this? How does this alter the way I live the digital life? And so forth.  


But every time I move, I think oh wow this new thing is so so cool and powerful and so much easier to use than the last one! 

And that's what's interesting. I'm (inadvertently) (or maybe not?) cultivating a sense of taste/design/whatever for digital interaction. I don't want it to suck and I want it to bring the same pleasure that looking at a tree or a later summer evening skyfall brings. 

And somehow --- that part is getting easier. Well, not somehow -- but --- well, geez, I'm developing a sense of what's pleasing and not about staring at a screen. 

Because really, people, that's what we're doing now, right? Not all the time but.... 

So make it delight your eye.  

I'm working on my style --- my vision of the delightful. 

Enough. Short-winded. We wanna cultivate short-windedness. oooommm ooomm