When It's Not Fun, It's Time for Action

You know what I don't like? I don't like that the process of "selling" a book has gradually but inexorably robbed my website of all its fun. 

Seriously. I used to have fun with my site. Now it's all about "Make sure you have a page for the media" and "Have you run stats on your SEO? Is the SEO ship-shape?" And "Oh, that front page. I think you need new content daily so visitors always see something new."  

To which I say: Go away. All of it.  

Yesterday I wasted 90 minutes of my life trying to figure out whether I was optimizing my SEO and whether I should alter the front page so it's more SEO-able and on and on. 

And all I got was depressed and discouraged. And then a Twitter friend said, in effect, "Don't fret. If the research is there; if you wrote the best book you can, then you've done your job. Enjoy the process." 

Or, again, words to that effect. And I thought hell, yeah! I wanna have some fun. I've busted my ass for seven years to write this monster and now can I just have some FUN?? 

Does this site have to be so --- unfun? No, it does not. Or so say I.  

End of rant. Off to ponder a site page titled "The Rants." Seriously.