On That Date, No. 20

"National Farms isn't just another big hog unit, Bill Haw says, it is a glimpse of the future. The president of National Farms, who works out of the Kansas City headquarters, says 

We've picked a trend, a leading edge, of what we believe is a transition from individual farmer production to the large, commercial production of hogs. 

"'My feeling is the hog industry has passed a threshold,' he says. 'They have solved enough of the problems of confinement production that the hog industry will inevitably take the same path as the production of chickens. The poultry business has been the birth of extremely cheap food by incredible efficiency of production.' . . . 

"'What we are going to see in the next 15 years is a constant reduction in the cost of production for pork.'"


"Here Comes the Corporate Sow," Farm Journal 108 (October 1984): 15.