On That Date, No. 21

"Lagoons --- the magic way to get rid of manure --- are catching on faster than any other new farm 'invention' in years! 

"Farmers in at least half the 50 states and with every conceivable type of livestock operation . . .  are giving lagoons a try. 

"The conclusion at this point: They're the slickest way yet to get rid of a messy product that's often worth less than the labor it takes to move it. 

"Ever since farmers first saw that bacteria in an open pond would completely digest the waste from a big hog-feeding floor in Missouri, with hardly a whiff of foul odor, flies, or even sediment in the bottom, 'lagoons' have been the booming new answer to manure disposal." 


Ray Dankenbring and Ovid Bay, "Lagoons --- Everybody's Building 'Em!" Farm Journal 84 (November 1960): 38.