Shortest Blog Post Ever. I Promise: Beer. Change. Ho-Hum.

Yes, I still follow the events/people/stuff in the beer world. With considerable interest. Especially these days when, ya know, things are happening. And changing. And people are howling. Etc.

As with today's Big Shockeroo.  (Which, I predict, will be the last of the Big Shockeroos. Persumably now the geeks will get the point.)

I am not surprised at such goings-on. The goings-on don't surprise me. I assumed that such goings-on would go one. I said so almost seven years ago.

Random Photo Series 2015

Random Photo Series 2015

Yes, once I realized what a bean counter Carlos Brito is, I wondered if he'd move slow into those dark, crafty woods. 


I love being right. Just ask The Husband.