A Manifesto --- Perhaps A "Bible"? --- For The Digital Age

I don't practice "organized" religion. But I believe, deeply, in many ideas and ideals. Ideas and ideals that guide my daily life.

Random Photo Series 2015

Random Photo Series 2015

Yesterday I read a document that resonated so profoundly that my "insideness" experienced a tectonic shift. 

I've never heard of either of these people; of their earlier "clues"; of any of their work. (I'm not that versed in the early history of the digital era.) 

But their words confirm, affirm, energize, and expand the universe of “things in which I believe.” 

If you're not interested in reading the entire piece, I share these bits with you:

We come to you from the years of the Web’s beginning. We have grown old together on the Internet. Time is short.

We, the People of the Internet, need to remember the glory of its revelation so that we reclaim it now in the name of what it truly is.

We hold the Internet in common and as unowned.

From us and from what we have built on it does the Internet derive all its value.

The Net is of us, by us, and for us.

There has not been a tool with such a general purpose since language.

The Web remakes the world in our collective, emergent image.

Don't worry: we'll tell you when we're in the market for something. In our own way. Not yours. Trust us: this will be good for you.

 The Web is barely out of its teens. We are at the beginning, not the end, of the privacy story.

We should be supporting the artists and creators who bring us delight or ease our burdens.

We, the People of the Net, cannot fathom how much we can do together because we are far from finished inventing how to be together.

The Internet has liberated an ancient force — the gravity drawing us together.

The gravity of connection is love.

Changed my life, if you want to know the truth.

Random Photo Series 2015

Random Photo Series 2015

You probably won’t have the same reaction But now you know a bit more about “me” and the fuel by which I tick.

Go forth and live a good life. Doing so matters. And, yes, there are others like you everywhere.