What Do Five Of These Have In Common?

Yesterday I made a list of half dozen people I wanted to use as my "archetypes," aka "main characters" in this essay. (I may have to interview some people, so I need to decide now, not later, who's gonna be a central figure in the tale.)

Off the top of my brain, which had had weeks of prep for this moment, I listed six names. Ideal "characters" with whom to tell the story of beer over the past ten-fifteen years.

Five of the six were female. Didn't even realize it until I read my finished list. 

And maybe that, more than anything, speaks to "craft" beer "culture." Well, that and the fact that all six are white. (About which, yes, the essay will have something to say.)

Bearing down hard on the essay. Much of the broad "what's this about" research is finished. The rest is the drill-down for specific topics within. 

Feelin' good, people. Feelin' good.