Making Sense of Trump/Bannon: A Listener's Digest. January 30, 2106

The election inspired me to finally investigate the realm of "podcasts." WHY did I wait so long? (Answer: I'm a dope.)

Here are some podcasts worth the time.

Fascinating interview with Molly McKew on Russia. From the Road To Now podcast. History-centric ("road to now." Get it?)

Equally fascinating: A discussion with Michael Auslin, author of a new book about China, The End of the Asian Century. The podcast is at War On the Rocks.  (Which I recommend.)

Yes, fascinating: Bill Kristol and Harvey Mansfield XI on demagoguery and Donald Trump. Yeah, you gotta put up with the Harvard/Yale snooty shit. But worth it. 

A conversation about health care reform with President Obama shortly before he left office. Great way to get up to speed on why reform is not easy. I listened to this on the Vox "The Weeds" Podcast, where it's still listed. But it doesn't show up at the Vox site. I also recommend Klein's interviews with Tim Wu and Ta-Nahisi Coates. You can find these at the Vox site.