DT/SB On Hold, Temporarily: February 18, 2017

I will be away from this very important object -- my desktop -- for a week (taking care of an eight-year-old who lives rather far away). It's unlikely I'll post anything. Using an iPad to compose/post/format/etc. is not my idea of a good time. Plus: He's eight.

Till then:

If you have time, watch the entire, now-infamous press conference. Almost 90 minutes. But fascinating.

He veers from complete confusion to complete control over his audience. As I watched, I assumed that someone in the Inner Circle urged him to hold this press interaction. Turns out (according to the nasty fake media) that it was his idea. Which shows that he's smarter than most of his inner circle. Smartest thing he could have done. Sealed the deal with "the base."

Seemingly bizarro news that DT/SB want to use National Guard troops to round up immigrants. This was the original report about the proposal from Associated Press. But I suggest reading this for important context. 

Behind the scenes of everything that comes down these days are, of course, interest groups. Broadly defined. Here's one that loves Trump (and apparently he loves them), and wants to eradicate Islam. Lovely!

A long-view look at "globalism" by Joel Kotkin; I've read his work for years. Trump's policies (whatever those are) and geo-politics.

Mark Zuckerberg: The Facebook guy. He never intended, exactly, to be where he is now. And it's been clear for several years that he struggles to satisfy shareholders, while using what is arguably the world's most powerful media for good rather than evil. Here's his latest attempt. Worth reading. 

Late note as signing off for a week: I watched the "campaign rally." Frightening and surreal. Again: I suggest watching in its entirety. It's easy to spot the moments when he veers off the teleprompter. He makes a show, that's for sure!

Now. Off to take care of The King (aka Sweet Potato). (Who is eight.)