Making Sense of Trump/Bannon: February February 9, 2017

While we're awaiting the court ruling.

Some interesting tidbits to share. Again, this is all based on stuff I want to know more about, and pass along in hopes the information helps someone else. And again: My background, bona fides, etc. (I have no idea if anyone's reading this, but I want to bear witness.)

Here's something I've pondered: What happens if the nation's troops are asked to act against Americans? Remember, DT is the "commander-in-chief." He's the civilian who, in theory, stands between the military and the citizenry.

But what if? Well, here's a fascinating and inadvertently timely take on that question. It's long but I recommend it -- if only for the historical context for the internment of citizens of Japanese descent during World War II. And if you'd rather not slog your way through the entire essay, here's a short take from the Washington Post (which is where I found notice of the piece).

Another topic about which I've wondered:

Remember all the scandal/rumor/accusations/questions about Trump/Putin/Russia? Where'd that story go? My hope, and my educated guess, was that media/journalists were pursuing the story -- but can't go public until every. single. i. is. dotted. and, every. t. crossed. Research like that -- deep research into global activities involving espionage -- takes a lot of time. And if a media outlet gets it wrong, they're screwed.

So: I've been hoping that we've not heard anything but that someone, somewhere is digging.

Or: Maybe not?

This is interesting. Arcane, but interesting. Okay. Interesting to me. Apparently Trump/Bannon have dumped, or at least are relegating to a basement office, the Council on Economic Advisors. Historically, the CEA has included professional economists, scholars, etc. T/B have decided, instead, that Goldman Sachs types are a better option. The link is to a condensed version of a story originally published in the Wall Street Journal. The original is behind a paywall. (And I refuse to give Rupert Murdoch money.)

Remember the T/B decision to make "Islamic radicalism" the focus of domestic security? A group of Democratic lawmakers has objected. Not, of course, that they can do anything about it.

I leave you with this. I am convinced, after much reading, that, indeed, Trump and Bannon want war. They want all-out, raging conflict. A battle to the death with Islam. Steve Bannon has said as much. Here's someone who agrees with me.

I'm wiped out. Working on the new book, spending lots of time working on a project for the high school I graduated from (45+ years ago). Etc. Gonna stop for the day. 

Thanks for reading. Thanks for trying to be a good citizen.