Making Book

The process of pushing the beer book through production continues. Right now I'm wading through my least favorite part of the whole project: proofreading. That means I'm reading the ENTIRE, I repeat ENTIRE, manuscript aloud -- backward. It's the only way to catch typos, words that shouldn't be there, use of the same word twice in the same sentence....

It's also boring beyond belief. I'd rather do just about anything but. It's also one of the most important and necessary tasks of making a book. 'Cause there ain't nuthin' more annoying than reading a book full of misspellings.

So that's how I'm spending the next few days. This blog entry is a prime example of why I rather resent blogs ever having been invented. Once you have the word "BLOG" on your website, well, you're more or less obliged to post SOMETHING in said blog. But what if the blogger doesn't have much to say? Well, heh heh, we all know the answer to that question, don't we??: blogs overflowing with the exquisitely boring minutiae of someone's life. Kind of like this blog entry.