Bye-bye "Bower Show"

I just learned (okay, I'm always waaaaaaay behind the rest of the world) that "The Bower Show" is no longer on Maxim radio. I'm truly sad to hear this. I had the pleasure of appearing (if one "appears" on radio) twice to talk about beer and the beer book. Magic! Bower, Scooter, and Laura were chemistry in action: funny, irreverent, and, most important, smart. (Irreverence without intelligence equals crap. These three were smart.) I'm not sure why the program was canceled, although I gather Laura is still producing for Maxim. In any case, I'm sorry I won't get another chance to experience their particular form of verbal mayhem. Near as I can tell. Bower is here (or at least he was at some point). You can find Scooter here. (During my first stint on the program, he asked if I would adopt him. Wish I had, sob snurfle....) And Laura is here. My sincere best wishes to all of them. It was a blast!