Seventy-Five Years Ago: Women Be Wise ...

Counting Down to April 7, the Anniversary of the Return of Legal Beer

March 17, 1933:

The Women's Christian Temperance Union issued a statement warning women against the dangers of beer. "If women take to the beer habit, they have only to look at some of the beer drinkers in London slums to see what is ahead of them. Beer makes fat." (No word on whether German women suffered the same fate...)

The WCTU promised to continue its war on booze, especially beer, which the organization denounced as "the most brutalizing of all drinks," because it "induces and perpetuates the alcohol habit . . . ."

"No nation," the ladies warned, "ever drank itself out of depression."

Phhhtttt! This was the same song-and-dance the group had been performing for more than fifty years. At least this time the audience wasn't watching. _____________________ Source: "Women Warned of Fattening Beer," New York Times, March 18, 1933, p. 2.