Why You Gotta Love Jay Brooks

As anyone who reads this blog (all five of you) knows, I am a fan of Jay Brooks. I can always count on him to come up with The Other Side of The Story.

And he has. Check out his investigation into the "Jurassic Beer" tale, which I blithely bought into with nary a backward glance. While you're at it, take a look at his (brief but cogent) report on Obama-and-Beer.

I'm telling you: The world needs Jay Brooks. Just had another thought: What a great thing he's on the side Reason And All Things Good. Because, ya know, given a slight twist of genetics or fate or whatever, he he could have been -- horrors -- a modern-day version of Wayne Wheeler (my least favorite political operative ever; and really, for Wheeler, it was all about power).

Yikes! Doesn't bear thinking about. I'm gonna go have a beer and toast to Jay, one of the Good Guys.