Bill Leinenkugel

Bill Leinenkugel died on September 23. As I noted a few weeks ago, he was one of those people who make a difference in the world: He was kind, unpretentious, and hard-working. A loving father and husband. A man who cared about his neighbors and community. I'm grateful I had the chance to interview him for the book -- and sad that I never got to meet him in person.

His hometown newspaper's obituary is here. As far as I'm concerned, it's the one that matters most.

But oh! -- how delighted he would have been to learn that his life and work mattered enough to warrant notice on the AP wire service, in the "big city" Chicago papers, and on the internet.

Tonight, I honor the life of a human being who lived a good life -- and leaves the most valuable of legacies: love, generosity, and kindness.