Anheuser-Busch InBev Update

I'm back from Denver and will post a report about that soon -- but this is a quick drive-by entry about the A-B InBev deal: At least one analyst now rates the deal as a 90% certainty, which is precisely where I'd pegged it last week. (InBev is borrowing the cash to make the purchase, and as I think we all know, banks everywhere took a serious hit last week. No one wanted to loan money to anyone for anything.) (Hey. If I rated the deal as 90% certain, and a Big Shot Analyst agrees with me, maybe I'm in the wrong business!)

And as expected, Carlos Brito has announced that Dave Peacock will serve as A-B's new president. This is good news for everyone at A-B: Peacock, who is currently VP of marketing at A-B, is respected, admired, and liked by A-B employees and by the larger brewing industry.

So -- onward and upward.