A Bigger Bucket, Please

Heh heh. Only thing wrong with it is that the guy in the Carhart needs a bigger bucket.

For you non-Iowans, the cartoon is hilarious because here in Iowa, the first-in-the-nation-caucus state (which, ahem, this year brought you Barack Obama....), the politicking literally never stops. As soon as an election ends, candidates start wooing the state's political activists. If you're an Iowa Republican, your phone will start ringing soon, and it will be ringing in earnest in another year or so. (Had McCain won the election, it would be Democrats' phones ringing).

The two people in the cartoon are Mike Huckabee and Bobby Jindal, who will both be in Iowa in the next week. Their ostensible reason is to give invited talks -- but the reality is that they're testing the waters for 2012. Seriously.


Brian Duffy is the political cartoonist at the Des Moines Register. The cartoon ran this morning, with the first panel on the front page (where Duffy's 'toons always run), but the second panel inside on the editorial page. (Which was pretty cool. I don't remember Duffy ever doing that before.)

NOTE: Brian Duffy lost his job a day or two after the cartoon ran, another victim of the collapse of print journalism.