More On Twittering From a Twitterer (Or is it "Tweeter"?)

Okay, back on the subject of Twitter -- which, ahem, some of you are urging me to at least try -- this first-hand account of its use from a fellow skeptic. Pogue's report certainly demystifies the process, because part of what's holding me back is, well, I have no idea how to do it. Or even what it's used for.

Eg, I thought it was designed for use on cell phones, and I only use a cell phone about six times a year. And I thought most people used Twitter when they're out and about: as in "Now I'm in the grocery store." "Now I'm in the check-out line." That kind of thing. And I rarely leave the house, so, ya know.... (Yes, I realize how weird that sounds. What can I say? I can't write a book while running around town, and when I'm not writing a book, I like hanging at home.)