WHOMP Go the Beer Companies

In my never-ending attempt to keep anyone interested updated on the relationship between beer and Life As We Know It: More earnings reports from the beer world, this one from Heinken (more details here). The guy at fivethirtyeight weighed in.

As always, the comments are worth reading. (Some of it misguided, but hey....)

As anyone who reads this blog knows, I take the long (loooooooong) view of the big picture. I realize that many people think, "Oh, hey, the decline in beer sales means this, this, and this." My view is not of the past five months but the past five decades and the past few hundred years.

As I said here some months back, being a historian is both a curse and a blessing.

But while we're on the short-term view, hey, how 'bout Carlos Brito. He's certainly living up to his reputation.

Big tip o' the mug to Astute Reader Dexter, who, I am convinced, is laying on a warm beach in Hawaii wondering what's up with us mugs (no pun intended) who endure five months of snow every year. A

nd a shout-out to Jeremiah McWilliams, the always entertaining ace reporter and brains behind Lager Heads (the source of the link for the update on Brito) for this (which I intended to thank him for earlier and never got around to).