Tiny Update on Jack McAuliffe -- And A Peek Into His World

Just got an email from one of Jack's friends, Steve Scholey, who stepped in to track down Jack's family in the wake of the accident. (The police report screwed up Jack's identity info, which made it difficult to connect him to the rest of the world).

According to Steve, Jack's condition has not changed, which, as he notes, isn't such a bad thing given the severity of his injuries.

Now the one thing that everyone who knows Jack McAuliffe knows about him is that he's a "private" person. So true. (Also eccentric as all get-out and a total curmudgeon --- and I say that in the most loving way). So I'm glad to pass on the rest of Steve's email:

In 1980 I was fresh off the boat from the UK when I stumbled into Don Barkley and Jack McAuliffe in Sonoma.  They offered me a job at New Albion Brewery where I had an incredible couple of years.  Since then I’ve been connected with Jack as his employer and friend; we share a love of trout fishing.

There you have it: a tiny view into Jack's otherwise well-concealed world. Am not even remotely surprised to learn he loves fishing. Will post further updates as I have them.  (His sister is now in Las Vegas at the hospital, and presumably I or someone will hear from her.) She told me, however, that his pals at his neighborhood watering hole are planning a fundraiser to help him defray medical expenses. Pals don't do that unless, you know, they're someone's pals. Soooo....