Wow. The Connections Just Keep Coming.

So last week my big techno-attempt was Facebook. I'd been a "member" for some months, but only so could see photos of new grandchild (his parents using F. to keep parental units posted).

But I decided to open my wall, post a photo, and try to use Facebook for more than just baby photos. So far so good.

BUT: this week I figured out how to integrate my blog posts and my tweets into Facebook. So now all three are connected, and I've got one-stop shopping at Facebook. (Plus, I figured out how to add those GODDAMN icons to my website sidebar. What a project that was...)

For anyone else trying to use Twitter itself to integrate tweets into Facebook: Lotso luck. I made many attempts and all failed (I got error messages from Twitter.)

Today I tried to do it using TweetDeck. Bingoooooooooooooo! So am not feeling completely stupid this week.

Plus am cranking along on current chapter of new book. Life, in other words, is reasonably good. Which, sigh, means some kind of shit is about to hit one fan or another...